Taken a good photo? - Sell them via Picture Exclusive to the National Press

Picture Exclusive is regularly published in the national papers and news websites and can help you get published as well, hundreds of photos by amateurs, professionals and mobile phone photos have been published.

Using my two decades of experience and knowing what is a good photo, I use my skills to edit images for the best reproduction possible to catch the eye of picture editors. In addition I work with writers to produce stories to accompany your photos, and videos as well. A picture and story package makes it easier to sell, so I may need to speak to you for some details about the photos. 

I use some specialised software to edit some images, to improve the quality in addition to my photoshop skills to make the photos look better, don’t worry if they are a bit out of focus or a bit dark, I can wave my magic wand!

You retain the copyright and will earn a 60% of the royalties from your photo sales which I pay on the day of publication - I use my previous sales to estimate the fees that will be paid then pay you straight away, I don’t think you’ll find any other agency who can do this. Payment can be bank transfer or PayPal. Once I get paid I will settle up the difference, if any, it can take a while for the papers to pay me. Fees vary with every publication and news website, with the size of image used in print and page number. Print pays more than websites generally. In addition to the picture credit request. 

As I deal with a smaller number of images than a large agency, you can expect a personal service, and I like to surprise people with a payment for an unexpected sale. When you get published you’ll be told where its used, as I monitor all the papers and news websites daily. You know I will try my best to get the photos published as I want to earn some money as well. 

Email me your photos to pictureexclusive(at)gmail.com 

Include a contact number and details about the photos, including when and where they were taken, send them full-size.

Ideally use wetransfer to send them, or one at a time with email if large photos. Send as many as you can, sometimes a photo you don’t think is any good, maybe usable as part of a series. Also send the unedited original files if possible.​​ Include your name so I know the credit for the photos.